Classmate Interview- Antonio Lavermon

Antonio Lavermon is a noticeably jubilant person. Before I even interviewed him, I saw him commenting on a lot of the paintings and making the people around him laugh. When I saw a lot of people sit down and start their interviews I saw him still looking at paintings and I asked him if he would like to interview me and vice versa. We sat in a hallway and started our conversation.

I asked the basics first, for instance what year he was in, and his major. He told me he was a sophomore with ease, but he made me work for him to tell me what his major was. I guessed at least five times before he told me it was in the arts area. I finally guessed theatre, and I was right. He said although he did like theatre he was thinking of switching to another major in a similar field so he can do more with his talents. Antonio grew up in Sacramento, and thinks Long Beach is very different from his hometown. He said this summer he stayed in Sacramento, but that this next summer he will probably visit for a shorter amount of time. He lives in an apartment with four other people, and I met one of them while I was interviewing him. Antonio and his roommate were talking about hanging out later that night I can tell that he really likes the people that he lives with.

Cristina Aguilera. That is hands down his favorite artist. He said he likes any type of music, but he said Cristina has a certain something that other artists in this generation don’t have, which is honesty. He said Cristina makes music for herself, and doesn’t make music to gain popularity. He also said Cristina is a pillar of femininity and her songs are powerful and they send a message. He made me want to listen to her, even though she’s not my style of music. Antonio is also a guy who likes to have fun. He told me he likes to party and he is a part of a lot of clubs at school. He told me he was a part of a couple of theatre clubs and that they are a lot of fun. He is one of those who everyone loves, he is very outgoing and isn’t afraid to be himself, which is an enviable quality. He is also very nice and told me little tips about college life.

When we finished the interview we took a picture, then we had small talk until he had to go to his other class. We hugged and left with promises of seeing each other again.


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