GLAMFA Artist- April Bey

April Bey’s work “Who Do You Worship?” really captured my attention. It reminded me of Andy Warhol’s pop art but only because they both paint celebrities in a colorful blown up form. But the similarities stop there, April’s paintings are was in meme form that said things like “Keep calm and glorify trash, and Keep calm and worship Beyonce”. The message was not clear to me at first but after reading April’s page I thought her message was important. Her message is that celebrities are worshiped and put on such a high pedestal and their flaws are praised. Everything from Miley twerking to Lena Dunham showing her body on T.V. In the real world acts like these would be looked down upon, but because they are celebrities everything they do is seen as cool. Our society makes trash a justifiable look when someone we view as above ourselves are doing it too. We treat these celebrities as Gods and this must end. It’s fine to appreciate someone’s talents, but doing something that is wrong and justifying it because a celebrities doing it is crossing a line. I too look up to celebrities, but after seeing these art pieces it really makes me want to change how I look at popular culture.

You can see the rest of April Bey’s art pieces at


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