Classmate Interview – Minerva Madrigal

The Smiths, Joseph Gordon- Levitt, and Corpse Bride may seem to have no relation to each other, but these are all of Minerva’s favorite things.

Minerva was raised in Paramount with her two sisters aged 4 and 17, and even though Paramount isn’t that far she takes an hour and a half bus ride to school. She majors in sociology and wants to minor in art. Minerva draws a lot of things from zombies to realistic drawings, even though drawing gore is her favorite past-time next to listening to music by Nirvana, The Beatles, and Led Zeppelin. She saw one of her favorite bands August Burns Red at Warped Tour last year which is a music festival, with bands similar to the genre she likes. A similarity between us is that we want to go to Coachella next year, which is arguably one of the best festivals in festival season.

Minerva’s style is something that I instantly noticed and liked, she had winged liner and enviably cute full frontal bangs that are hard to pull off. Her backpack had hand drawn logos from two of the bands she liked. She seemed quiet at first but she opened up and I found we had a lot of things in common. In high school she experimented with a lot of different hair colors, but she said blonde was her least favorite because it didn’t look good on her. Another cool thing about her is that she has a tattoo of Sally from the movie “The Night Before Christmas”. It is a very good quality tattoo, and she said it took 6 months to complete.

Our interview was a little awkward at first but it turned into a fun conversation. We talked about a lot of things but some of it was too personal for me to post. We ended things with her telling me about a nightmare experience working for the school’s radio station, but we both had to go our separate ways, and me just realizing that we forgot to take a picture together. It was a fun meeting her and I hope that we get to talk again.


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