GLAMFA Artist – Shiva Aliabadi

Shiva Aliabadi’s work is understated and beautiful with pops of color in two of her works. My favorite piece was Traces 2, which is a blue roll of paper with blue ash on the floor with a rectangle design. Another piece that I liked was five white pieces of board connected to the wall called Left to our own Devices. My first thought when I saw those white boards, was if the gallery was moved wouldn’t the boards get ruined because it was plastered to the wall? Little did I know that that was the purpose of her work. Shiva’s work represents how people try to have their name remembered through documentation or memorialization. Ephemerality is a key them in Shiva’s work. Nothing lasts forever, this concept is shown in her work Traces 2 because every time it is moved the dust has to get picked up and rearranged. Remnants, one of her pieces of work has each place that it was previously at in it, which has a temporary essence to it. Her work is beautiful and minimal and it says so much while being so simple, which is not easy to do. I hope one day of having the pleasure to speak with her about her work because I want to know her thought process on creating these wonderful works.

You can see the rest of Shiva’s works at


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