My art class had a social experiment for this week and it was to make an Instagram account, and post at least 4 pictures throughout the day. I didn’t have an Instagram, so I had to create an account. The pictures I took were of my neighborhood, my dog, a lamp in my background, and my sketch from my sketchbook. It was fun taking pictures for the day, even though I am not a big fan of social media. By the end of the day I had 30 followers, and I felt bad that I was going to delete my account after this activity. On Friday when the 24 hours was up I looked at all my classmates Instagram posts, and I was surprised at the creativity. My favorite pictures are the artsy ones, for instance the sunsets and artistic filters. But what I found was that a lot of the same pictures kept popping up, all similar to mine. The most popular posts were of food, selfies, schoolwork, and pets. At the start of the week I thought everyone’s pictures would be different, but they were all similar. It could have been one person’s account, except the fact that there were different people in the pictures. I realized the pictures are similar, we all live similar lives generally speaking. We all live in Long Beach, all go to CSULB, love food, and have the same art class. This was an interesting experience and I still like to scroll through everyone’s Instagram pictures.


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