Artist Interview – Jesse Lubben

Construction_1.gif       Constrtuction_2.gif
I was on my way home when I noticed a gallery that I didn’t see when I was on my walkthrough of the galleries. I was amazed by Christopher Varvek’s art, and was about to do my artist interview on him, but Jesse Lubben’s art connected more to me. If you are far away from his art it looks simplistic, but the closer you get the more you realize it’s largely complicated. When I looked at it I didn’t know what I was looking at, shapes were formed out of pictures, but I wasn’t really sure. Jesse looked like his art, an interesting mix of wild and simple. He had a colorful sleeve of tattoos, a septum nose ring, and a baseball cap. I asked him how he made his works, and he said he made them by taking pictures of things he finds interesting then manipulating the images then taking a picture of the final product. I asked him how long it took him to make each piece, and he said it took him about 85 hours to complete everything in the gallery. One of the best things he said was how his works didn’t have any specific meaning, that it was more up to the audiences imagination. He said it amazes him to hear about what people think his works look like. In Jesse’s bio he wrote that his works were created in mind because the world that we live is so immediate, and his works were designed for a person to deconstruct and really think about what they are looking at. I like that message because everyone is into their phone and they rush through things without taking their time, and observing is a wonderful thing.
You can see the rest of Jesse’s works at


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