Classmate Interview – Amber DelReal

The first thing I noticed about Amber was her tattoo. It was a puzzle piece with a heart through it. I asked her what it meant and she said it was the autism logo because her brother has autism. I thought it was beautiful and the meaning made the tattoo that much better. She is thinking of getting more, but has a lot of ideas to sort through.

Amber  is a Kinesiology major, but plans on switching to Sociology because she dislikes math and science. she wanted to be a P.E teacher, but since she will switch to sociology, she doesn’t know what she wants to do for a job anymore. She described what Sociology was to me, and it seems interesting, and I think she will do good in that field. I asker her which art exhibit she liked the most and she said the room where there were t.v.’s everywhere and dim lighting. She said it reminded her of the show Girls, and I can relate. I found out she likes a lot of t.v shows, like Shameless, Orange is the New Black, Orphan Black, and The Walking Dead.

Amber loves living in Long Beach, because of the laid-back atmosphere, and hates busy cities like New York, which is funny because she lived there at one point. She moved there for a month when she was 12, and her experience there wasn’t that great. Another thing about Amber is that she works at a Fed-Ex grounds keeper. She carries packages and stores them in a warehouse, she says it’s a lot of men who work there, but she holds her own. Amber is a strong, no-nonsense person and that’s a very redeeming quality that more people should have.


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