Artist Interview – Maccabee Shelley

Maccabee Shelley’s work really caught my attention this week. Shelley used recycled glass to create his work, and sometimes he paints over it. The colors mesh well together and are very beautiful.he created these works because he wants people to see that glass can be beautiful yet simple. The main thing that caught my attention were the shapes. The edges are spiked at some parts but then other sections were smooth. Shelley also said that just one piece alone can take him about three months to complete. I focused on the piece pictured because it was in the center of the room. He had about 5 or 6 pieces in the gallery, and it showed how much he really enjoyed putting together his creations. He doesn’t name his pieces since he believes that the viewer should see it and interpret it with their own mind. The main thing that Shelley was trying to tell with this piece was that our life can just be abruptly shattered by having “the rug pulled right out from under our feet”. This art piece seems to be broken into three pieces but the ends seem to have fit into one another. Glass symbolizes life perfectly because they’re both something very valuable and precious but they need to be dealt with cautiously. Our lives can be ‘broken’ but that doesn’t mean that it’s over it just means that we have a new lesson to learn from the experience.


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