Classmate Interview – Shannon Choi

When I first saw Shannon, she had on all black everything, winged eyeliner, and dark lipstick. She looked like a person who was really into rock music, literature, and art. I started the conversation by saying if she wanted to look around the art galleries. She then very nonchalantly said sure, then a second later she burst out laughing. I’m so sorry she says, I’m just putting on an act as my counterfactual identity. I was surprised, her acting performance was really good. She then got back into character, and introduced herself to me as Cheryl, the art major. We walked into the first art gallery and she liked the pictures with the women with eyes all around her, with a pink background. Shannon reemerged and exclaimed oh, no I don’t have my phone. I said it was okay and I took pictures of what she wanted. She thanked me a lot, which is something her counterpart,Cheryl would do.
Back in Cheryl mode she doesn’t talk much and she says a lot of whatevers, and okays, her earbuds are in her ears giving people the impression that she isn’t listening to anyone. We then sit down and start our conversation. In her spare time Cheryl listens to music, and works on her metal art. It’s also safe to say she’s not a people person. She dorms at CSULB, and last week she just realized her floormate was in the same art class as her. We talk about how big the art class was, and how it was a little different then we expected.We talked to each other as our counterfactual identities, it was hard to do, because it’s hard to make up a whole person.
I asked Shannon what she actually wore in real life. She said normal stuff, like jeans, t-shirts, and most importantly color. She said she hated wearing black especially today because it was so hot. We then went with her floormate and asked people what we looked like. Cheryl got poet, engineer, and theatre major, which is close to what she was going for. This was my favorite conversation by far, and I hope we talk more.


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