Artist Interview – Emily Babbette


Emily Babbette was my favorite artist this week. Her paintings were refreshing to look at. Although I do love all the unconventional art pieces that I’ve seen over the weeks, painting is my favorite medium. Babbette’s gallery were small canvas paintings that were landscapes of different settings. The paintings weren’t masterpieces but they had a personal touch that made them so intriguing. Her show was called Lost and Found, and the theme of these paintings are about even if you lose your heritage there is a part of you that can never truly forget where you came from. Emily said that she has family from Canada to Australia and that she would travel and visit her family and reconnect with them. The idea behind the title of the gallery was that even though where she was physically was alien to her, she felt comfort in knowing that it was important to her family. She painted her surroundings in every place that she visited, and these paintings consist of her art show. I loved her brush strokes and her use of color, this gallery was definitely my all time favorite that I’ve seen. I love simple artwork, and this was simple at it finest.


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