Classmate Interview – Kseniya Meshcheryakova

Kseniya first approached me for an interview after it seemed every one else was already grouped up. She was all business, pen and paper out already, when I asked her her name. She said it so fast I couldn’t understand what she was saying. I asked her to say it at least 5 more times, but I couldn’t get it. I finally asked her to write it down for me, and it was more complicated than I even thought.  An interesting thing about Kseniya is that she moved to Long Beach from the Ukraine when she was five years old. She said she goes back to her home country every two years to visit her family. She said the biggest difference between the US and the Ukraine, was that in the Ukraine people ate what they grew in the garden vs. going to the grocery store. I asked her if she visited other European countries, and she said she visited, England, France, Germany, and many other places.

When Kseniya was writing my name down I saw doodles in her binder. They were really pretty doodles of girls, and she said she was an artist. That was something we both had in common, and I told her I drew too. I asked her if she was an art major, but she is a sociology major and a freshman. We then started talking about music and she started talking about her love Bastille, which is a band based in the U.K. The first exhibit we looked at consisted of figures made out of foam, Kseniya said it reminded her of Pompeii, which is ironic because Pompeii is a popular Bastille song. Then we got to the Lost and Found exhibit she also said she found this exhibit to be one of her favorites. Art is truly her passion, and she even told me some of her favorite artists which include Dali and other surrealist artists.


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