Artist Interview – Daniel Rivera and Vanessa Gamboa

chrysalis               shoot 3

Chrysalis is the gallery that I liked most this week. Walking into the gallery, I noticed that there were two benches, a screen projector playing a short film and clothes in the floor. the name Chrysalis sounded butterfly inspired, because a butterflies cocoon is also called a chrysalis. And that was exactly what the artist’s were going for. The way that the film connects to a chrysalis is by portraying a never ending cycle by showing the stages of human formation. They recorded in various public spaces and explored the process of forming human relationships and social bonds.
I was only able to interview Daniel and in our interview I asked him how long the film was. He said that it was 10 minutes and 25 seconds. He said that opening day for Chrysalis was on Sunday October 5, and that it was 2 hours long. I asked Daniel how long it took him to put all of this together and he said that he started in the end of Spring semester and it took him all of Summer. He had posted a status on Facebook if anyone was interested in collaborating with him and he said that that’s when Vanessa messaged him and said she’d be willing to help him out. His main message is about human interaction and how we connect to our loved ones and other people.
I feel like if Daniel and Vanessa are trying to send out a great message to the world. After I was done interviewing Daniel, I was all ready to leave but Daniel started asking me a few questions. Normally, the artists that I’ve talked to so far only talk to you as long as your asking the questions, but not Daniel. He asked me if I was interested in Art and I said I really was, then he asked what my major was and I said Engineering. He also started talking to me about how he’s graduating next year and that although his journey in school has been a long one, he’s happy of where it has lead him to. Daniel made it very easy to talk to him and he was also very friendly. Hopefully I get to see more of his work soon.


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