Classmate Conversation – Kelsey Aparicio

Kelsey Aparicio is one of the most endearing people that I’ve met at school so far. While stopping to enjoy the photography shot set up in one of the galleries, Kelsey told me that she is a 2nd year student who is currently majoring in Kinesiology. She plans on achieving her masters after graduating from CSULB. If that plan doesn’t go through, Kelsey tells me that any job in the field of her degree would do because the pay is great; the matter of finding a job though still stands. Some fun facts about Kelsey is that she loves talking about ice cream. She told me that she is always at Rite Aid and so it is hard to resist the temptations of the icecream. The last time she was at Rite Aid, she got the cotton candy flavored ice cream for the colorful substance and so on. It’s as if ice cream is life to Kelsey, and that just shows how laid back her personality is. She also love cutesy things like unicorns and butterflies. Her backpack had sharpie drawings of these things that she drew herself and they were really cute. I asked her if she could live anywhere where would she live, and she said Paris. She likes the architecture of the buildings and the French fashion. I also told her I would love to visit Paris, but who doesn’t. Overall, it was nice to get to know Kelsey and I hope to see her around campus more often.


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