Artist Interview – Kiyomi Fukui


This week artist Kiyomi Fukui captivated my attention. Walking into the art gallery, this piece immediately caught my eye. I was very intrigued by the wooden desk sitting on a bed of dirt covered in white rocks with tiny sprouts emerging. I don’t know why something about it was very interesting to me. Unfortunately, the artist was not there for me to interview. Luckily, there was a paper taped to the wall explaining everything. Her inspiration for the piece came about when she came across a dying bird. When she encountered the bird, it was obvious that it was at the end of its life. She placed the dying bird on a table and watched as its life came to an end. This dying bird had a very big impact on artist Kiyomi Fukui. Since then, she has created a ritual in which she pays respect to those that have died through her practice of art. And that is what this piece is, she calls it her “ode to both the dying and the living”. She makes those white birds from her scrap materials and embed seeds into them to grow. She waters them everyday without fertilizer, and the tiny seeds grow out of the birds. I think that this piece is a very beautiful thing. It perfectly symbolizes life coming from which that is already dead. It symbolizes the process of life and death and how they are connected.


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