Artist Interview – Andre Stevenson


One exhibit that caught my attention was called “Le Salon des Refuses” by an art student named Andre Stevenson. It is supposed to be based off of the French art gallery with the same name, and it is supposed to display art that has been rejected or negatively criticized just like how the French gallery did. As I walked through it, I came across a very inspirational quote that I found completely worth posting on here for all of the tortured artists out there, considering that I am sort of one myself. I continued throughout the gallery carrying my newfound enlightenment from this quote with me, and I found some art that I liked or found so interesting that I was surprised that it would be considered “refused” or “rejected” The quote basically said that it is important to do what you love no matter what other people say. This correlates with the quote that I have on my website by my favorite singer. One’s cognitive response to beauty, subjective as it may be, elicits the act of replication, in art that is. This is so true in the art world the artist’s voice is never heard it;s always whether the right people like the artist’s work or not. I have seen some beautiful works but because an important person didn’t know about it then it made it not important. This is the most powerful statement of art that I have seen this whole semester and I want to see more of this artist’s work


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