Classmate Interview – Freddy Varela

This week I met Freddy Varela as I was walking into a gallery. I was wearing a Lakers jersey and I guess that caught his attention. He was so surprised that I was wearing the jersey since only the preseason has started. He told me that I must be a true Lakers fan since I’m dedicated year round. I am a huge Lakers Fan and I think it’s pretty cool that Freddy is too. Basketball and soccer are his main hobbies, he likes to play and watch them too. He also likes to swim too and he actually took the same class I’m taking right now but he took it last semester. Freddy is actually from Long Beach just like me as well as a 3rd year too. He came to Long Beach state from Millikan which is not far from were I live now. He’s currently in Csulb’s Recreational Therapy Major which is pretty awesome. he was explaining to me that he would love to work with young adults or other and help them over come any disabilities. I can honestly see him doing a great job in this career field. Especially with his inviting personality and easy to talk too. He was really nice and I hope to talk to him again.


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