Week 10 Classmate Interview – Vanessa Garcia

This week I got the pleasure of meeting Vanessa Garcia who is a second year student here at CSU Long Beach. Almost immediately Vanessa and I clicked with our very similar interests in music! Just like myself, Vanessa liked musicians such as Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, and pretty much that is currently on the radio. As a big music fan with an eclectic list of music in my iPod, I finally found someone who has enjoyed music and the artists that I loved as much as I did! Vanessa was super cool and I was glad to have been able to chat with her a bit since I was shy to walk up to someone and ask if I could interview them. Also as a film major I always like to ask what their favorite movie is and Vanessa and I had a similar liking for movies as she too enjoyed watching”We’re The Millers” starring Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis.

Upon asking Vanessa her major, I was surprised to know she was a Biology major, specifically for Criminal Justice to become a crime scene lab analyzer. A huge fan of Criminal Minds, I enjoyed the criminal justice topic and found their ability to analyze a crime scene fascinating so listening to Vanessa wanting to be a lab analyzer was so cool! I have wanted to be a crime scene investigator myself but the though of being around blood changed my mind since I was always a bit squeamish around it, even if it was just a small cut! I hope Vanessa follows her dream of becoming a crime scene analyzer and help many families get the justice they deserve.


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