Week 11 Activity – Student Choice

Displaying 20141109_074852~2.jpg Displaying 20141109_075056~2.jpg

I chose to do basic drawing but with a twist. My favourite band is The 1975 so I decided to take the most important theme of their songs and draw it. My two favourite songs are Antichrist and Robbers. Antichrist is about a person’s struggle with God and how they question God’s existence “Is it the same for you”. Also how people rely on God in times of need but he’s not there. My drawing was based around the line “BLood is on your tongue as well ass your hands, archaic and content you just wash them off.” My other favourite song Robbers is about a toxic relationship between two people and how they are so wrong for each other because of the drugs and everything, but they don’t leave because they love each other so much.


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