Week 11 Classmate Conversation – Savannah Cheung

This week I got to meet Savannah Cheung, a freshman here at CSU Long Beach. She is currently undeclared but is considering pursuing a degree in Interior Design. Savannah’s passion for interior design began when she took theatre in high school. Savannah also takes an interest in design, drawing, painting, and sculpting, interests that are definitely handy in the field of interior design. Other hobbies Savannah likes to do on her free time are hiking, going to the park with friends, and going to the on campus gym to work out, especially rock climbing! Interviewing Savannah I could tell she had a big heart for her family especially when she shared that she and her older brother like to take time out of their busy college schedules to take their little brother out for a day of fun. Since she is the only girl in her family Savannah often likes to play video games with her brothers and her cousins whenever she can.
Since my favorite hobbies include music and traveling, I often like to ask what the other person’s music and traveling interests are and if they have any experiences on family vacations or if they’ve been to any concerts. Savannah shared that before she began college her family often liked to take road trips to places such as South Dakota, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Salt Lake City, Yosemite, and Big Bear. I shared some of my traveling experiences and also exchanged some of my music experiences at concerts and events. I liked her story about the concert signing/concert event she attended for the rock band Weezer because I think it’s neat that she supported them by pre-ordering their album and going to see them. Music has always played a big part in my life so I love to hear stories about how music has influenced other people’s lives. Savannah was really fun and interesting to interview and I hope she continues to pursue her career path in interior design.


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