Week 12 Artist Interview – TImothy Cooper


When I walked into the #gatov-west today I was really impressed. On the floor in a plus sign shape were individual round white plates places with extreme care. The plates were all hand made and the project represents a collaboration of different individuals creating art. It also represents the artists belief that art is a creation of beauty time and community to create a final project. The actual plates took almost a year to create and were used in a celebration event. I liked that the most about the project because the plates served more than just one purpose.
This art piece reminds me of blacksmith’s workshop. When I was in elementary school, our school used to takes us to blacksmith as a field trip. At that time, I was in Korea, so I could see many Korean traditional dishes or plates with old-fashioned–but very beautiful–drawings and decorations. These plates does not look like the ones I saw in Korea, but the way it is displayed and shape reminds me of these old memories.
I am glad that modern art is something that we can express ourselves with not only drawing and painting but also using other medium or materials. If the old time’s art was just sculptures and paintings on canvases, today’s art is something that has more variety to show ourselves with ways we want.


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