Week 12 Classmate Interview – Anthony Diaz

This week I had the extraordinary honor in conversing with Anthony Diaz. Although we both randomly bumped into each other, it was very interesting getting to know his overall personality. Anthony seems to be the type of guy that’s aspired to do many things in life. Though he’s currently a computer science major, Anthony is now contemplating in majoring more towards the field of music.

Anthony is currently a Junior at CSULB and commutes to school. He also mentioned his involvement in a rock band named “Plastic Castle.”Despite his bands great progress so far, Anthony enjoys being consistently active. He constantly goes hiking and heads to the beach whenever he obtains free time. In spite of his lack of interest for any type of sport, he feels as if music which is considerably his passion; replaces anything most people would consider fun and captivating. However, when it comes to Art, Anthony feels as if Art is the best way for an individual to express himself with the many different aspects and forms art seems to take upon when it comes to building knowledge.


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