Week 13 Classmate Interview – Rachel Price

During this past week, I was cruising around a little bit when Kiara and I were approached by the very nice and personable Rachel Price. I quickly learned that she is from Cypress. Yet again, Rachel fell victim to my obliviousness to Southern California.

Rachel is a sophomore just as am I. Speaking with her, I obviously got to know Rachel on a new level, but I did not expect that we would be so similar to one another. One thing that did separate us was her cast. I have never broken a bone and she said she had not really until recently. We all laughed at the comments that Rachel had verbalized.

Rachel was telling us how she had ridden a mechanical bull. I was so jealous because that is one thing that I haven’t done yet in my lifetime. I could tell that this girl was adventurous. She is also very athletic. She skates and she claims to have played soccer for a long time, but since she came to school, she does not do it for school because she want to focus on her academics. She plays soccer for recreational purposes.

In addition to this, Price claims to be interested in helping little children. I could tell that she had very good intentions in life. Right now, Rachel is studying Psychology; however, she does not know yet whether she wants to be a psychologist or a therapist for young children. One experience that changed her life was her time working with her mother and little kids. She hadn’t done it before then. I think one thing that supports her desire to work with children is because she is also very artistic in a way. She likes to paint and to draw.

Recently, Rachel quit her first job for her own reasons, but because of her personality and her helpful, loving grandparents, she will probably have no problem finding a job. During this conversation, we had good laughs and we talked a lot about life. So, I know there is much more to know about Rachel. I am going to be looking here and I hope you all do as well!


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