The 1975 put on a great show, there are no questions about it. This would be my second time seeing them, but since I am a bigger fan now, I am more excited to see them than I was the first time. The last 20 minutes before The 1975 were scheduled to come on the lights started to slowly dim, the change was so slight that I thought my mind was playing tricks on me. The hauntingly still noise playing was filled with electricity and was getting the crowd more excited with each passing moment. Then the rectangles started flickering on and off and then finally in sea of fog The 1975 appeared minus the lead singer. After a few moments Matty Healy appeared with his infamous wine bottle and drunk swagger. The opening song ‘The City’ starts playing and the crowd goes wild with screams and dancing. The 1975 then go into So Far (It’s Alright), Milk, and M.O.NE.Y. After these set of songs Matty slurs “Hello we’re The 1975, and we’re from Manchester.  Let’s go f***ing bananas Los Angeles.”

©Melissa Diaz//

My personal favourite songs of the night were You, Robbers, Heart Out, The City and Sex.  Matty Healy is definitely what makes The 1975’s live performance so memorable. His slight drunkness adds to the performance and he made the audience go crazy when he fell offstage, went into the crowd to take pictures, and fumbled through a few lyrics. He puts so much emotion in each performance with his constant head banging and abundance of energy.

One great thing about The 1975 live is that they can captivate the audience with their fast songs just as much as their slow ones. And one of the most beautiful moments of the night was when Adam Hann, and John Waugh, the saxophonist, played ‘HNSCC’ and surprisingly ‘12’, which isn’t on the setlist. The sax and guitar contemplate each other so well and that moment confirmed why I love The 1975.

After going offstage for a few minutes The 1975 came back onstage for their encore of Robbers, Chocolate, and Sex. ‘Sex’ was brilliant. The light show for The 1975 is all in black and white, but when ‘Sex’ plays the rectangles glow a pink color, and the fact that Sex is their rock song, the energy in the venue was insane. As the band leaves the stage after that special performance, you are just in awe of what you have just seen. The concert was such a mind-blowing experience and everyone should see The 1975 live because they put on the best show you will ever see.



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