Week 13 Artist Interview – Sarah Walsh

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This week in Art 110, the galleries were filled with beautiful paintings and drawings.  Just like last week, I really enjoyed seeing paintings in the galleries.  All of these artists showed such intricate designs within their paintings and just the amount of detail they had put in stunned me.

This week, I had found a big interest in “Untitled Landscape IV” by Sarah Walsh.I always thought that Chernobyl was such an interesting place.  The story behind it is almost like the ones in a comic book.  I remember watching a documentary on it in high school which explained that even the animals left around that area have a pretty high count of nuclear activity.  I thought this was so crazy!  They’re like mutant animals that just walk around, except they look totally normal.  Chernobyl is clear of werewolves, I promise.

The colors used in the piece usually come from the cool side.  I think the yellows and browns she used really compliment the cool colors.  Besides it being right across from the cool colors on the color wheel, it really gives it to the pop color that ties it altogether.  I love how the strokes really give it the more contemporary and industrial feel on such a natural landscape piece.  I liked the way she had incorporated these two ideas.

I love when this happens in art.  When I can take my own knowledge and apply it to art.  This way it gives me a perspective I am comfortable with in order to figure out what perspective the artist is playing from.  It makes understanding art easier and makes it easier to relate to.


Week 12 Activity Feedback

My favourite 3 activities were:

1. Instagram

2. Kickstarter

3. Painting

I liked the Instagram because taking pictures were fun. The Kickstarter was interesting because I liked looking at different people’s art on the website. The painting was fun because going to Venice Beach was really fun.

My least favourite activities were:

1. Drawing

2. Plaster Casting

3. Vlogs

I really like to draw and drawing on an app was really weird and annoying. Also my phone didn’t have the French girls app so it was doubly boring. Plaster casting was bad because it was hot at the beach and the plaster casting  was ugly. I didn’t like the vlogs because I had  no camera or anything so I couldn’t do it.

Week 12 Classmate Interview – Anthony Diaz

This week I had the extraordinary honor in conversing with Anthony Diaz. Although we both randomly bumped into each other, it was very interesting getting to know his overall personality. Anthony seems to be the type of guy that’s aspired to do many things in life. Though he’s currently a computer science major, Anthony is now contemplating in majoring more towards the field of music.

Anthony is currently a Junior at CSULB and commutes to school. He also mentioned his involvement in a rock band named “Plastic Castle.”Despite his bands great progress so far, Anthony enjoys being consistently active. He constantly goes hiking and heads to the beach whenever he obtains free time. In spite of his lack of interest for any type of sport, he feels as if music which is considerably his passion; replaces anything most people would consider fun and captivating. However, when it comes to Art, Anthony feels as if Art is the best way for an individual to express himself with the many different aspects and forms art seems to take upon when it comes to building knowledge.

Week 12 Artist Interview – TImothy Cooper


When I walked into the #gatov-west today I was really impressed. On the floor in a plus sign shape were individual round white plates places with extreme care. The plates were all hand made and the project represents a collaboration of different individuals creating art. It also represents the artists belief that art is a creation of beauty time and community to create a final project. The actual plates took almost a year to create and were used in a celebration event. I liked that the most about the project because the plates served more than just one purpose.
This art piece reminds me of blacksmith’s workshop. When I was in elementary school, our school used to takes us to blacksmith as a field trip. At that time, I was in Korea, so I could see many Korean traditional dishes or plates with old-fashioned–but very beautiful–drawings and decorations. These plates does not look like the ones I saw in Korea, but the way it is displayed and shape reminds me of these old memories.
I am glad that modern art is something that we can express ourselves with not only drawing and painting but also using other medium or materials. If the old time’s art was just sculptures and paintings on canvases, today’s art is something that has more variety to show ourselves with ways we want.

Week 11 Activity – Student Choice

Displaying 20141109_074852~2.jpg Displaying 20141109_075056~2.jpg

I chose to do basic drawing but with a twist. My favourite band is The 1975 so I decided to take the most important theme of their songs and draw it. My two favourite songs are Antichrist and Robbers. Antichrist is about a person’s struggle with God and how they question God’s existence “Is it the same for you”. Also how people rely on God in times of need but he’s not there. My drawing was based around the line “BLood is on your tongue as well ass your hands, archaic and content you just wash them off.” My other favourite song Robbers is about a toxic relationship between two people and how they are so wrong for each other because of the drugs and everything, but they don’t leave because they love each other so much.

Week 11 Artist Interview – Romina del Castillo

This I had the pleasure of viewing Romina’s art. She wanted us to have a view of her world and we did. I know I did, her art was really interesting. The people she painted were live art, and not only did she draw what she saw but she drew other things that she saw which is really interesting. Then the way she limited her tools to charcoal and pastels which only have certain colors were very interesting.She gave us a view into to her world which made me give her paintings a second thought as in what she was trying to tell us the audience. Your art was beautiful and unique in it own way.I loved this because I just think drawings are such a pure form of art, because you can draw anywhere and it’s definitely my favourite medium.

Week 11 Classmate Conversation – Savannah Cheung

This week I got to meet Savannah Cheung, a freshman here at CSU Long Beach. She is currently undeclared but is considering pursuing a degree in Interior Design. Savannah’s passion for interior design began when she took theatre in high school. Savannah also takes an interest in design, drawing, painting, and sculpting, interests that are definitely handy in the field of interior design. Other hobbies Savannah likes to do on her free time are hiking, going to the park with friends, and going to the on campus gym to work out, especially rock climbing! Interviewing Savannah I could tell she had a big heart for her family especially when she shared that she and her older brother like to take time out of their busy college schedules to take their little brother out for a day of fun. Since she is the only girl in her family Savannah often likes to play video games with her brothers and her cousins whenever she can.
Since my favorite hobbies include music and traveling, I often like to ask what the other person’s music and traveling interests are and if they have any experiences on family vacations or if they’ve been to any concerts. Savannah shared that before she began college her family often liked to take road trips to places such as South Dakota, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Salt Lake City, Yosemite, and Big Bear. I shared some of my traveling experiences and also exchanged some of my music experiences at concerts and events. I liked her story about the concert signing/concert event she attended for the rock band Weezer because I think it’s neat that she supported them by pre-ordering their album and going to see them. Music has always played a big part in my life so I love to hear stories about how music has influenced other people’s lives. Savannah was really fun and interesting to interview and I hope she continues to pursue her career path in interior design.